Angel's Bow


What appears to be an ornate weapon of purely ceremonial value springs to life, glowing with pure energy, seeming to eagerly await the chance to defend the innocent.

Aura: moderate evocation [good]; CL 12th
Slot none; Price: 76,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

This ornately decorated metal bow has no string, and appears nonfunctional. However, when held by a character of good alignment, it becomes a +2 short bow with a glowing string made of energy. If this string is pulled, a shining arrow of force appears, nocked and ready to fire. These arrows deal 1d8 points of damage (with a +2 enhancement bonus), have the seeking weapon property, and are treated as a force effect. The bow never runs out of ammunition when used this way. The bow is also capable of firing physical arrows, if the wielder desires to.

In addition, the edges of the bow are sharpened. As a swift action, the wielder can separate the bow at the middle, turning it into a pair of +2 short swords. When using both swords, the wielder gains use of the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. The swords can be recombined back into a bow as a swift action. The wielder cannot drop or stow these swords without recombining them into a bow first – if the wielder is disarmed of one sword, it attaches to the other of its own accord, and if the wielder is disarmed of both, the swords recombine into a bow before dropping.

Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, greater magic weapon, searing light, creator must be of good alignment; Cost: 38,000 gp


Angel's Bow

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