Fauna's Grace

A bow made from a branch from one of the oldest trees in Efferenus – Courtesy of Fauna as a prize for the Lady of the Veil – Winner of the most recent tournament during the Festival of the Seven Veils.

Longbow Comp +4
Material: Paueliel

Special Abilities:

Endless Ammunition

Additional Perks:

When the bow is drawn for battle it automatically casts Barkskin on the wielder (This can be done up to 3 times per day)

Also the wielder has the ability to use the following spells without any penalty against their spells per day:

Cure moderate wounds – 3 charges
Invisibility – 1 charge
Restoration, lesser – 1 charge
Chain Lightning – 2 charges
Maximize (metamagic) – 2 charges
Dazing (metamagic) – 2 charges
Selective (metamagic) – 2 charges
Persistent (metamagic) – 2 charges

The bow recharges it’s daily spells by being in direct sunlight for at least half an hour.


Fauna's Grace

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