Barsoom - The Free Lands

The neutral

Festival of the Seven Veils

A celebration of brotherhood between all civilized races, marked by interracial masquerade balls and festivities. Many merchants and crafters begin to prepare months in advance for the festival, selling their finest items at a good price. Temporary stalls for booths are setup through-out the kingdom, many merchants also hold raffles or contests of their own.

Along with the citizens of Barsoom, also in attendance is Fauna – Queen of Efferenus and many of the citizens of her kingdom. Most of Helium and Ateria are not welcomed to the festival because of the war. Barsoom recognizes the good that Helium is doing to keep Ateria from taking over the lands but they believe that there are alternatives to outright war.

Day 1 – Round 1 Tournament, Grand Feast

Day 2 – Round 2 Tournament

Day 3 -Round 3 Tournament

Day 4 – Round 4 Tournament

Day 5 – Round 5 Tournament

Day 6 – Round 6 Tournament

Day 7 – Final Round of Tournament, Grand Feast, Ceremony & Ball

Winner of the Tournament Receives:

The title – Lady or Lord of the Veil
Two of the rarest blessed stones (2 stones with 4 bonuses each)
A wooden staff made from a branch from one of the oldest trees in Efferenus – Courtesy of Fauna (Feel free to find a picture if you want, but create a staff to your liking)
A custom outfit for the ball & matching jewelry (Jewelry has no magical bonuses)
300,000 Gold
50,000 Worth of various jewels

Barsoom - The Free Lands

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