Dragon Bonds

Prismatic dragon
The dragons in this world are a little different then what you’re used to. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They’re still very intelligent and powerful, but there’s a twist. Though you should note that dragons can take a more..humanoid form. They only get one, so traditionally they wait until they are bound and let their mate decide what form they would like. Not all bindings create a romantic situation, but of course some do.

When a dragon is born here they are born with a bond to another, usually a humanoid, but all races have had some dragon riders among them. Once the bond is forged the rider will live as long as the dragon or vice-versa – their lives are bound together. If one dies, so does the other.

In another twist, dragons can be born before the one they are meant to bond with. They still feel the bond though, even if the person doesn’t exist yet. It’s as if the fates speak to them before they are born and tell them of their future.

A bond with a dragon cannot be forced or created by magic, you either have a bond or don’t.

There are many legends that tell of dragons that have waited hundreds, even thousands of years for their bond. One such legend tells of one of the rarest dragons, a prismatic dragon. Waiting for his match.

Some Pics of dragons and their bonds:

Dragon Bonds

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