In the mountains close to Bastion the following minerals/metals can be found:

Platinum – Abundant 5 silver per lb

Crystmite – Uncommon (Enhances magical enchantments) 3,000 per lb

Nitranium – Common (Strong as adamantium & as light as mithril) 4,000 per lb

Etheronite – Common (Strong as metal but is flexible like cloth) 3,000 per lb

Paril – Very Common (Alternative fuel source for the airships) Not something that’s normally sold but you could buy it at 200 per lb

Gold, Silver, Copper – Uncommon

Unique minerals/metals that are not found in the mountains south of Bastion

Turbite – Stronger than adamantium 3,000 per lb

Ectonin – Metal that is enchanted naturally (+2 to hit, +2 to damage) 3,500 per lb


Into the Black Wisperness