The Story Thus Far

The eternal war between good and evil has spilled over into the world of Linnorm. Forcing kingdoms to not only choose a side, but to also fight for survival and even seek refuge from their home in order to continue their chance to live.

The Kingdom of Lorina has decided to begin a retreat, gathering several of their most powerful wizards they spent weeks researching potential travels to a new world. After scouting several locations they found one in particular that they felt was the most promising.

While waiting for the wizards to finish their task the kingdom did not sit around idly, they prepared. The leaders of the kingdom gave their child the task of beginning anew in the lands that awaited them. Along with their child they would send her many advisers, councilors – They allowed her to chose those she trusted, but did give her helpful advice so that her choices would be beneficial.

The day finally arrived when the group of wizards would perform the ritual that would open a gateway to the new world. Everything started as planned, the supply wagons and groups of citizens began to travel through the portal. Not long after a battle spilled over into the Kingdom of Lorina, disrupting the wizards and their ritual. This caused the gateway to become unstable, forcing those who could to rush through before the portal closed.

Unknown to the Princess, Lorina suffered losses too great to reopen the gateway. They no longer had enough wizards that held enough power to perform the ritual again. It would take time, until then she and those who made it through with her were on their own.

You’ve been in the new world for two months, luckily some supplies did get through – so you weren’t totally without. ((You get 75 BP to spend to get your kingdom started))

Now that you’ve been able to establish the beginnings of your kingdom, you find yourself able to take some time to finally explore your surroundings.

The Story Thus Far

Into the Black Wisperness