Gifted Individuals

Over the last few generations the force has evolved some, it’s only speculation as to the reasoning and depends on who you ask. There have been individuals arise that show an extremely natural gift to use the force, no training required to tap into it.

The Galactic Alliance has opted to catalog and keep track of these individuals – even going so far as to locking them up if they show signs of using their gifts for the wrong purposes. Rumors say that a few have been executed for this reason. Of course not all of the gifted individuals end up on the radar – thanks to not every planet being loyalists.

Creating a gifted character;

Gifted is in addition to a regular class.
Choose spells from what’s available to a sorcerer.
Number of spells per day are as follows;

Level 0 – 4+Character Level+Wis Modifier
Level 1 – 3+Character Level+Wis Modifier
(Available at level 2) Level 2 – 2+Character Level+Wis Modifier
(Available at level 4) Level 3 – 2+Character Level+Wis Modifier
(Available at level 6) Level 4 – Character Level+Wis Modifier
(Available at level 8) Level 5 – Character Level+Wis Modifier

Number of spells known:

Wisdom modifier for each spell level

Gifted Individuals

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