Starting Out

75k to buy or build a ship

All 18s on stats for main PC

32 Point buy for associate characters

All races from pathfinder and star wars are part of the game, plus the custom race.

Starting money for characters is 4k credits.

You and your team have been working for the underworld for a few years waiting for your chance to stand out and move up in the ranks. The underworld organization will recruit citizens at any age so feel free to make your history as you’d like, just keep in mind for example a 12 year old wouldn’t be flying a ship – probably more mundane things like running packages or delivering contracts for ‘service’ or bills…etc

Slavery is acceptable so long as your slaves are papered – a federal identification – indentured slavery is the most common

Drugs legality varies depending on planet, loyalist planets are going to be all illegal and probably a lot of dry locations (no alcohol) – there will be some neutral planets where they are legal but the government takes a large cut from sales so there’s still a market for non regulated sellers to do business.

Most of the rebellious planets drugs are unregulated, but that also means the quality is very varied because there are no regulations or laws against them. So there is business but it can be quite competitive.

Force users are unregulated for a large part unless they have broken the law or gotten themselves noticed. There is a federal department that focuses on force users, they do things like finding law breakers, locating unknown force users and cataloging force users. It is worth noting that they do not actively engage force users, it’s a lot of just watching and tracking.

Gambling is most popular on the rebellious planets because there is so much less regulation since the governments vary from city to city instead of planet-wide law. It isn’t illegal anywhere, but gambling on a loyalist planet is going to be more ‘snobbish’ and ‘safe’ than a neutral or rebel planet would be.

Starting Out

Into the Black Wisperness